The Problem

Today’s audiences don’t have the attention span to watch or listen to anything for too long. Even people participating in events, podcasts, training sessions, and zoom calls can’t take it all in.

The Solution

At GlossAI we have created a smart AI video generator that can turn any single piece of content into many short videos, blog posts and more various channels and use cases.
And we don’t merely rely on text analysis. We train our AI to analyze text, tone, pace, facial expressions, and audience engagement using over 0.5 billion articles and data items, to achieve human-like editing in near-real time. Our state-of-the-art platform, adds the finishing touches to smart, storified outputs, creating high-quality ready to share videos that today’s audiences will view.

Who We Are

GlossAI was founded in 2021 by 3 serial entrepreneurs from McKinsey & Company, Intel and the Israeli Defense Forces. Supported by the largest global venture capital firms, with offices in Tel Aviv and NY GlossAI focuses on creating world changing solutions in the area of generative AI.

  • Ofer Familier CEO
  • Eyal Koren CTO
  • Adi Paz VP R&D
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