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We’ve trained our AI to analyze thousands of parameters, including text, tone, facial expressions, audience engagement, and much more to create smart, shareworthy content that maximize the use of your existing content and make sure your message is heard.

Save time and money on post-production.

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The power of WOW

It’s all about smart storytelling

"What is so cool about GlossAi is that I hardly need to do anything! It just works!”

Nir Smulewicz | CMO, eToro

“Instead of spending hours trying to find relevant clips in our library, or having to shoot and edit a video from scratch, we can now easily find key moments from longer videos and instantly turn them into compelling campaigns.”

YULIA ZIV | VP Demand Gen, Yotpo

"GlossAi allows us to personalize all of our trainings for our tens of thousands of partners and streamline our creation, editing and localization processes."

Tomer Werechson | Studio Team Lead, SolarEdge

"GlossAi enables us to offer our events and learning customers, unique value-add services no-one believed can be done automatically!"

Eynav (Navi) Azaria | CRO, Kaltura

"GlossAi shows incredible promise in the space of artificially assisted video editing for social. This could potentially reduce our editing time by many hours in our production pipeline."

Neil Rogers | Studio Operations Manager, KERN Agency

GlossAi is trusted by leading brands worldwide

Marketing videos come
In all shapes and sizes

GlossAi turns your impossibly long, but highly valuable content,
into an endless source of compelling shareworthy videos for the various uses of your target audience.

  • Product Videos

  • Commercial & Teasers

  • Spontaneous Explainer Videos

  • Employer Branding & HR Videos

  • Webinars

  • Keynotes

  • Interviews

  • Tutorials

  • 35%

    Higher engagement

  • 70%

    Time saved on editing

  • 55%

    Reduced editing spend

How GlossAi empowers our partners

  • Etoro saw an increase of close to 40% in regular attendees, as well as on-demand views and downloads.

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  • GlossAi generated videos from existing raw footage and reduced video post-production costs, per event by 85%

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In the news

GlossAi graduates from Meta’s first B2B Disruptor Program

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3 simple steps to:

Bridging the gap between your existing content and the way content is consumed today

Don’t rely on service providers or A/B testing, enjoy endless options and share in real time!
All at the push of a button.


Create dozens of engaging content pieces

Upload your existing content and instantly generate a variety of short-form videos and text summaries for social media – highlights, trailers, social snippets, promos, carousel images, eBooks, blog posts and more.

From Zoom to Twitter, Keynotes to LinkedIn -
We make it viewable for today’s impatient, busy audiences. The system will even write the posts for the various social media channels.


Tweak with the push of a button

Didn’t get exactly what you wanted? No problem. Push the button and we’ll generate more options. Close but not exactly right? No problem there either. Use our editor to tweak the results! It's surprisingly easy yet super powerful!


Get ready to share stories for all channels

Each video generated is made to automatically suit all channels – in content, format, length, and style. Soon enough you'll be able to distribute it all automatically...

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