How do I get started?
Click on Get Started Now button.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, you can try 3 hours of video for free.
How does it work?
You simply upload a video, and GlossAi will use it to create short-form videos (AKA snips), trailers, summaries, eBooks, blog posts, static images and more for you! It’s like sending your raw footage to an editor, but without the hassle.
Which videos can I upload?
Webinars, interviews, lectures, video podcasts, keynotes, ted talks, demos, audio podcasts, product videos, commercial & teasers, spontaneous explainer videos, employer branding & HR videos, tutorials. Pretty much anything with verbal content.

If you just want to get the full video subtitled, stylized, with background music, intros, outros, etc – you can use any video you want and simply use our editor to edit it.
What can I do with the outputs I got?
Whatever you like! You can download them, post them to social networks, add them to your website, create learning courses, send meeting summaries and the list goes on. It’s all yours without any watermarks!
What if I don’t like what the AI created?
No problem! you can easily tweak the selected content on our text-based video editor (no editing skills required).
Can I also modify the style of my output videos?
Yes! Choose the short-form video you want to stylize, then go to Glossai’s editor where you can switch to the Stylize tab!
Can I make short-form videos myself?
Yes! Pick the full story or any given snip and go to GlossAi’s powerful editor. You can then edit your video anyway you like.
Do you offer support? What can I do if I get stuck?
Check out our help page for tutorials, or contact our support team at support@glossai.co
Do you provide subtitles?
Yes!! We are notorious for our killer automatic subtitles:)
Do you support different languages?
Currently we only support English. But our AI keeps on improving so stay tuned 😀


How does the AI generator work that it creates maximal engagement videos?
We process a lot of data from the video (speakers, faces, their tone of voice, expressions, video format, images, text that appears in the video) and use it to identify the most interesting/engaging parts.
Are you using proprietary technology or off the shelf?
We trained our own models and developed our own algorithms and have 2 patents pending.
Will it really work on any topic?
Our models aren’t specific to a certain topic hence it should be agnostic. The easiest way to understand this is imagining that Chat GPT will answer questions on any topic regardless of the topic. Similarly our technology isn’t topic specific.


Are you SOC2 compliant?
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes, we comply with the GDPR and we review and revisit our compliance with the GDPR periodically. See our GDPR whitepaper as outlined in our website https://glossai.co/ for more information.
Who owns the short-form videos and other outputs that are created on the app?
The user who uploaded the video owns the outputs and has full rights to the outputs. GlossAi might use some of the outputs in a grouped and anonymized manner to keep training our AI models.
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