Social Video Uncovered

Social video fueled by generative AI is a global risk. With GlossAi, you can lean back knowing your brand is safe, enlightened & relevant.


Number of short-form videos watched daily by a 22 year-old


The World Economic Forum names Misinformation top global risk


Percent of brand related videos
that are offensive/smearing

We proactively uncover and push personalized insights across departments

Our 4 pillars of social

brand protection

  • Smear & Disinformation Campaigns
  • Deep-fake Detection
  • Executives Reputation & Impersonation Management
  • IP Infringement & Content Piracy

The story in a nutshell

Uniquely locate and analyze every brand-related video across channels. Our surveillance & response system protect your brand from latest social video risks.

Video insights

  • Visual Product Feedback
  • Product Usage (i.e. tutorials, unboxing)
  • Participants Demographic Breakdown
  • Culture Aware Sentiment (face, sarcasm)

The story in a nutshell

With the growth of video usage, monitoring videos cannot be overlooked. We find all relevant videos automatically in real-time and derive unique video specific insights.

Influencers Selection Suite

  • One Click Discovery & Prioritization
  • Engagement by Product/Video Type
  • Personalized Pricing Suggestions

The story in a nutshell

Real-time video analysis to pinpoint the most compatible influencers with expected ROI – guiding you towards data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Marketing

  • Early Trends Detection
  • Viral Narrative Suggested Response
  • Leverage UGC Videos (product/event)
  • Thought Leadership Opportunities

The story in a nutshell

Providing a brand-related live video feed with brand relevance score and suggested real-time video response through our ‘Creative Chatbot’.

Some of Our Clients

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